Messy Job

Stripped the paint off the remaining inner fender and a few other small parts. Had about 5 inches of tears in two spots that had to be welded up, guess I picked the wrong one but all is good now. 



Passenger inner fender

Started on the last bunch of sheet metal to be painted. I did the passenger inner fender today; ok just the underside. I stripped the paint, both sides, and epoxy primed and painted the one side. Had one small tear to weld, a missing nut to weld, a small dent to straiten, and a big oval hole to cut to turn it from a Chevy inner fender to a GMC inner fender. Remaining sheet metal other side and the hood. 


Sand Blaster

Got the door back from the sand blaster.  They could not stop saying what a nice door I have. It really is, I made the right choice although I think the other door pretty nice too. Remember I have two of each door to pick the best. 

Welded up the three mirror holes. 

Ground them off:


A little body filler:


Sand off the excess:


Flipped it over and epoxy primed, and filler primer primed: