Wipers almost 

I bit the bullet and bought vacuum replacement motor. Don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place. It fit in the stock location, uses the stock rods, and seems to work as one would want. Not the best instructions so it took all morning. It got too hot out, 114, or I’d be done. Just need to mount the switch, connect the wire and zip ties all the wires back up under the dash. Tomorrow.


Getting ready

Did a much of the little things to get it ready for another test drive. Bleed the brakes, still want to do a bit more with a helper to pump them. Touched up the paint on the pumpkin. It got a few nicks on it’s trip to California and back. Toqued the wheels. Put the rear cable on the e-brakes. Started it to to see if it still runs, it took a couple seconds more but fired it. 


The frame manufacturer said they could not find anything wrong. They shipped it to the axle manufacturer and they concurred. However from what I was told they will be shipping a new unit next week. 

The transmission a couple days ago stated dumping fluid where the drive shaft connects. I went and asked the transmission shop about that this morning. He said normal when the shaft is off. He said it could drain as much as a quart. Said it should be fine when back together. Hope he is right. 

As long as the axle was out of the way I’d thought I’d raise the gas tank vent as high as possible. I picked up another ¾’s of an inch. Hope that is enough to keep it from overflowing when I over fill the tank. Can’t get it any higher and still be under the truck.