On the plus side got the doors on. The passenger side we had a heck of a time centering it in the cab. The new hinge was a little off, had to grind and oblong the holes a bit more. On the minus side I had to pull the molding off to get it to close. I need to find a thinner molding. On the minus side you have to pull the door off to install the molding. On the plus side, the drivers side went on pretty easy and fit pretty well. It will close with the molding but it does hold it out just a bit more than perfect. 



Spray Bondo

Cleaned and prepared for paint:

Painted Epoxy (White)

door 1

Sprayed the filler primer, think of it as liquid bondo:

door 2

It was out in the sun and I think it dryed too fast. Buckled in a couple spots, not a real big deal as you sand it most off anyway:

door 4

Worked on removing and cleaning a few parts off the spare door to see if they are in better condition. They were! I cleaned them up, spray some white grease, and called it good:

door 3

After block sanding I sprayed another thick coat of filler primer. It is drying in the shade.door 5