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Got the first coat of clear applied. It requires 3 coats for outdoor use. Cars lifts make great drying rackšŸ¤”


Ran it good

Not real worried about it as it is the underside of the hood. I was pumping the paint pretty good to get it into the corners, more worried about protection over looks. You can see the dents on this side as I did no body filler, glaze, etc. Just primer and paint. I did use base coat clear coat, mostly because I have lots left over and didn’t want to buy any more single stage if I didn’t have to. 

If I get ambitious I might try the body glaze trick for removing runs. 

Oh No

The door decided to take a Tumble off the sawhorses. Nice crease right on the edge in the bottom corner. Pounded it out the best I could, a little body glaze and sanding. As good as new? No. I’ll play with it a little more before I paint it. Speaking of painting, the inside is painted. The standard sealer, color, clear after wet sanding of course.