More carpet

Worked on the drivers side carpeting today. Still need a little more Velcro on the passenger side and need a boot for the emergency brake. 




I’ve been waiting on parts but needed to do something. I’ve been putting off the hood latch because it just didn’t want to line up on previous attempts. I decided to tackle that issue today. Lots of fiddling and fussing, many hours later it seems to function as expected. I did have to elongate some holes but you do what you have to do. 


I think I got it

I built it in my mind for a week. Amazon finally sent my cable, on a Sunday no less. Not sure why they waited a week the warehouse is right in town, but I didn’t pay for the fast shipping so they held the order for a week. Anyway it went pretty much how I built it in my mind, maybe a little easier as I didn’t have to use the one bracket. I think I can now shift gears. 


Functional bling

I worked on functional bling. I installed a row of LEDs under the dash and hook it to the headlight switch. Should light the cab nicely. 

I also tried to install a spark plug wire loom but it hit the steering shaft so back to the store with that. That got me worrying about the spark plug that was very close to the shaft so I went to the parts store and got some shorty plugs. I picked up a good inch; I think that will take care of it.