What to do with leftovers. How about a truck bed bench?


Die cast

Found a white die cast Chevy, had to buy it and add some green. Not even close to perfect but it was something to do..

Where have I been

I’ve been working to get a totally legal vin number. Too much invested to try to short cut it. The process involves getting all my receipts together and taking them and the truck down for a Level 2 inspection. It will need a Level 3 inspection before it can go on the road but it has to be running. Not quite there yet but a level 2 can get you a VIN. So that is the goal.

Oh one more thing, I went to Alaska last week Photos here!

Body work

I installed one of the lights I fix from yesterday. The other will have to wait until I can get to the home center and pick up the correct size hole saw. 

Started removing the dents on the hood. Started with a hammer and dolly, shrinking file, crap load of body filler just to be sanded off to just a touch of body filler. A lot of money just to turn it to dust to be swept away.  Too hot out to do more than that. It will be close to 120 today. 


Been worried

Been wrestling in my mind how I was going to mount the super heavy grill. My frame was too short for it and there was no provision for the brace on the frame. Looked at some more GMC Stovebolts at cruise night and theirs didn’t have the heavy brace. So I went to the local truck parts house and they had a repop. It mounts totally different so maybe I have the answer I was looking for, fingers crossed. I also got the remaining inner fender into paint, may be time to start bolting things up. 


Parts Truck

Spent some more time putting the parts truck back together. I discovered a few differences between the GMC and Chevy inner fenders. The Chevy drivers side inner fender fits better than the GMC so that is the one I will strip. It will require a hole to be cut like the other side did. The one I painted will require some trimming. I will attempt to mirror the drivers side. 

Grill is just set in place, I will need to pull some bolts and run them through the grill to.