Die cast

Found a white die cast Chevy, had to buy it and add some green. Not even close to perfect but it was something to do..


Wipers almostĀ 

I bit the bullet and bought vacuum replacement motor. Don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place. It fit in the stock location, uses the stock rods, and seems to work as one would want. Not the best instructions so it took all morning. It got too hot out, 114, or I’d be done. Just need to mount the switch, connect the wire and zip ties all the wires back up under the dash. Tomorrow.

Test drives

Did a number of short test drives today. Got five nice trucks and I never left the sub division. Trying to dial in the rear brake bias. Each trip home I’d check fluids, tighten leaking bolts etc. etc. a couple bolts were behind the exhaust so I had to wait a few hours for it to cool off. The good news the speedometer is now moving, still need to calibrate it.