First outing

Made it home. Changed out the throttle cable. To test it out I headed to a small car show. I have a few issues to work out but getting closer. Only way now to find them is to drive it so that is what I’m doing.  




I drove it today. Forgot to take photos. I moved it from the transmission shop to the alignment shop. I have a few issues to work out yet but it drives!

I think I had an expensive day

Eddie and I got it timed and running. Still idles too fast not sure why.

First tried to drive it off the lift but nothing happens. Made a trip to the parts store and bought more fluid. Added it and I was able to drive to the end of the driveway. It just does not sound right, or smell right and some smoke came out of the dipstick. I would guess I burned the transmission up, it still moves the truck but it’s not correct. Off to the shop tomorrow to see if I can work a deal. Not sure if it something I did or just a bad rebuild. I’m sure I’ll never know. 

Here it is off the lift from its own power. 



Started on the first crank. I’m amazed and thrilled. It ran way to fast on first start so I quickly shut it off. Turned down the idle and started it up again. Looked for leaks and found a dandy. The transmission AN fittings were not tight. Fixed that, and let it run for about a ½ hour. I have a small coolant leak at power steering pump bracket bolt. Will need to drain it and add some thread sealer. I changed the oil and called it a day.