Running board seal

I did some shopping today, was not real successful. I did find the running board seal that goes between the cab and running board. I installed them but a little dark and hard to see in the photo. Also dropped the running boards off at the sandblasters. 




Some of the folk on Facebook thought I had the wrong bumper. I have another one so I installed it. I had to drill new holes as it did not match the brackets. I tried the other brackets but they don’t match the frame bolts and would be a bit short making it really close to the grill if not under it. 

Is this better?

First version. 


Nothing is ever easy 

I made the wiring harness for the headlight cans only to discover the headlight bulb is too big on the back to fit the hole. Should be an easy fix but it will have to wait until tomorrow. It should only require a bigger hole to be drilled. 

Also worked on the leaks with the remote brake fluid tank. The kit should have came with hose clamps as there was no way it would seal without them. 



My eBay shipment came in the mail yesterday so I thought I’d install the parts.

Oil dipstick, I hope I got in in all the way. I beat on it enough. 

The transmission dip stick. This one could not have been easier, it pushed right in and the holes in the firewall matched right up to the bracket at the top. The odds had to be astronomical. 

The oil filter screw on attachment. Also very easy, my question is how come this does not come standard with the engine?

I also picked up some really cool headlights bulbs. So I started cleaning up the cans to install them.