Not much luck on my shopping trip, looks like time to hit a mail order house. 

I did get the inner fender cut the same as the other one. Looking closer I think the previous owner had cut the Chevy inner fender, it is fine I would have had to do the same thing. 

I got the grill in on the parts truck. Just need to get the GMC hood off, then I can sell it off. 



Parts Truck

Spent some more time putting the parts truck back together. I discovered a few differences between the GMC and Chevy inner fenders. The Chevy drivers side inner fender fits better than the GMC so that is the one I will strip. It will require a hole to be cut like the other side did. The one I painted will require some trimming. I will attempt to mirror the drivers side. 

Grill is just set in place, I will need to pull some bolts and run them through the grill to.    

Passenger inner fender

Started on the last bunch of sheet metal to be painted. I did the passenger inner fender today; ok just the underside. I stripped the paint, both sides, and epoxy primed and painted the one side. Had one small tear to weld, a missing nut to weld, a small dent to straiten, and a big oval hole to cut to turn it from a Chevy inner fender to a GMC inner fender. Remaining sheet metal other side and the hood. 


Running Boards

I pulled the running boards off the donor truck. The first one was a pain in the neck. The first two bolts, square bolts, I was able to get a socket wrench on them and broke them in half. Perfect. The other four bolts no luck with a wrench, lots of grinders, cutters, cold chisels, and time off it came.

On to the drivers side four broke right off, the other two came off like a real nut. Five minutes tops. 

They seem to be in pretty good shape, one little rust area to fix by one of the brackets.