Tool works as advertised

I tore the rubber on the first one a little but I mastered it for the second one. Couldn’t get the rubber to stay to do the back window, going to need a second set of hands. 


I got my extra hands, we did tear one corner. Hopefully the goo will take care of it, don’t really want to spend the money to do it again. 




I was able to fix the bracket with a couple screws. So I glued the seal in, installed the door, installed the top cowl vent, and the transmission cover. So mark all those off the list. 


Small Set back

I am working on small stuff today. I installed the defroster vent followed by the cowl vent gasket. Then I installed the side vent gasket and went to install the side vent. Then I discovered that the bracket is suppose to be spot welded on. I know I’m not destroying my paint to reweld it. So I carefully pull off the seal and clean the glue off. 

I’m pretty sure I can use some small screws with some careful drilling to attach it to the body. So it was off the the orange big box store. 



I got the headliner installed today. It was easier than I had been reading but I had some plusses going in my favor. First I don’t have the windshield installed, this really helps.The cardboard seemed to be correct compared to what I have read. Had a donor truck to look at. A minus is I never found good directions so I’ll tell you what I did and maybe it will help you.

First ever since I bought the kit I wondered what these were for:

Headlinner 1

When I was taking the windshield trim off the donor truck a big enough piece came off with it that showed me just what they are for. They go here:

Headlinner 2

So I slide them under the windlace. If I had it to do again I’d do the headliner before the windlace. Maybe.

The next logical spot seem to be the visor holes so I worked from there. I loosened the windlace and lined up the holes. I used a big washer with a screw to hold it in place.

Headlinner 3

I used some clamps to keep it from falling on my head as I worked across, should have took a photo but just clamped to the bar in the center and roof (nice to not have a window in the way). Tucked it under the windlace on the other side. Tracked down some screws and put the retaining center strip on. All the notches lined up, nice.

What I should have done next is find the exact center of the cab next to the slot and marked it. Then I should have found the center of the cardboard and marked it. This is so you can align them and have it perfectly centered. What I did do was start on the drivers side and slide it under the windlace and into the slot on the center bar working to the other side and worked it under the windlace. Installed the rear retaining strip, again the slots lined up. Here is were I wish I had marked the center. The rear section could have been maybe an ⅛ inch toward the passenger side. You can see just a little of the slots that are cut into the cardboard. Although if I did that perhaps I would have seen a little on both sides?? If I had done the windlace after I could have corrected for this.

All in all it took maybe a couple hours.

Headlinner 4Headlinner 6 Headlinner 5

Not sure what the little rectangle is for in the center of the drivers side.


A side note that really would not effect your install was my seat belts. I had to cut two small curve out of the rear strip to put the bolt back in. I was all done and installing the passenger seat belt and was having an Issue getting the bolt to grab the nut. While messing with it I managed to knock the bolt down in to the never reaches of the cab. So I had to undo the passengers side of all that work I just competed. I almost lost my tool trying to recover the nut. No luck so I had to make a new one. It involves welding a nut to a big washer and pop riveting it to the cab so you can take the bolt off if you need to, like when replacing headliners. Did that and replaced all the screws. I’m sure I have introduced a nice rattle that I will get to enjoy for as long as I own the truck, if I’m lucky it will wedge itself somewhere.


Thought I’d do some experimenting with rattle can primers, filler primers. So I pulled some parts off the donor truck, stripped the paint, cleaned the parts and sprayed with some rattle can primer. Let it dry and sprayed with some rattle can filler primer. Let it dry and wet sanded it, cleaned it and sprayed some 2K white paint. No harm if it does not work out it will strip really fast and be done over. Most of the parts are under the dash so they will be fine anyway.