Door skin

Started with something easy to get moving, it took longer to find the torque specifications than to do the job. Had a small issue with one of the caps falling apart but luckily I had an extra. Drive shaft is in. 


Next it was time to start on the door.  Some pretty good dents to deal with:  
Pounded out what I could. Some I did no have access to on the back side.   
Followed with some Rage Gold:   

Sand off as much as possible with just the dents filled. It is thin, which is good:   

A couple good coats of white epoxy primer:
Than a super heavy layer of filler primer. Use as big a tip has you have and spray it to the point of it almost running. Most of it will be sanded off, this is how you make 60+ year old metal look new and smooth. 

Flipped it over and filled on small spot, epoxy primed, and 2k primed. 



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