Lesser of two evils 

Not sure which door to use, each has an issue. I took the door off the GMC and stripped all the parts off. Welded the holes and was admiring my work, when caressing the bottom curve of the door I felt two pretty good dents. I go over to the other door and run my hands over the door, perfect. So I strip all the parts and rubber off it running a scraper on the bottom inside where the trim and rubber had been to find massive rust through. So the choice is some bondo on the first door or rust under the trim of the second door. Another option cut the rust out and weld in new metal. I leaning towards using the first door with no rust. Don’t really have access to pound it out, maybe use some slide hammer studs and a slide hammer to straighten it out as much as possible but it will require some Bondo. Ok I use the good stuff Rage Gold. 



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