Spray Bondo

Cleaned and prepared for paint:

Painted Epoxy (White)

door 1

Sprayed the filler primer, think of it as liquid bondo:

door 2

It was out in the sun and I think it dryed too fast. Buckled in a couple spots, not a real big deal as you sand it most off anyway:

door 4

Worked on removing and cleaning a few parts off the spare door to see if they are in better condition. They were! I cleaned them up, spray some white grease, and called it good:

door 3

After block sanding I sprayed another thick coat of filler primer. It is drying in the shade.door 5


Sand Blaster

Got the door back from the sand blaster.  They could not stop saying what a nice door I have. It really is, I made the right choice although I think the other door pretty nice too. Remember I have two of each door to pick the best. 

Welded up the three mirror holes. 

Ground them off:


A little body filler:


Sand off the excess:


Flipped it over and epoxy primed, and filler primer primed:


Didn’t expect that

I installed the other fender this morning. Found a small issue where someone had welded a small bar right where the bracket was supposed to go. Don’t know why I didn’t see it when I did the body work on it? A little time with the drimel tool took care of that. 

For the afternoon I thought I’d paint some small parts, tail gate hinge, transmission cover etc. My rings for the gauges were rusted and pitted so I thought I’d paint them too. Got the sand paper out to scuff it and started sanding. To my surprise it didn’t scratch but the rust and pits disappeared, cool didn’t expect that. Buffed it a little and it looks pretty good, not a show finish, but pretty good. 


Time sink

I put in the real bolts and nuts after going to the bolt store. I had really bad access to put the washers and nuts on. One corner took a couple hours, got lucky with a little experience on the opposite side. 15 minutes. The front ones took a good 1/2 hour each and maybe another hour for the 3 middle ones. 
I rested a bit and went and routed out an recess for the filler cap. Painted the bare wood, drilled pilot holes. Should be ready to install tomorrow.