Gas tank

Started out sanding the tailgate, not planning on doing any body work but just shooting it with some single stage paint. Will get a new tailgate someday. 

My buddy showed up so we switched to working on the gas tank. First we placed the bed on the frame to get an idea of what kind of space we have to work with. Became obvious that we needed to make some bracing/frame pieces. 

Still will need a plan for the strapping. 




Too hot

It is way too hot for March, 95 so far with a few more hours to heat up some more. Not sure how the relates to truck progress, other than the next door neighbors are having a pool party and I don’t want to make them listen to my machines and eat my dust. I did make and paint the spacer blocks for mounting the bed.  


Buster approved

I got the bed together today. The far rear bolts were really hard to get the nuts and washers on as the roll pan is smack in the way. I wish I would have seen the correct way to install the room pan before I welded it on. The whole project is like building a model without instructions and pieces missing or from a different model altogether. It would have been next to impossible to put it together on the frame, laying under the truck instead of on tall saw horses. 






I started staining my boards today. Didn’t like the way the first one went on but fixed it later. Figured out the secret to putting it on. Put on enough that there is no chance it will start drying before you can wipe it off. Then use a nice wide cloth to wipe it off. 

Lest ye think I just nap between coats, maybe a little, but I have been color sanding and touch up painting the bed. 



I painted the underside of the bed wood strips. I went to the big orange box store and picked up so primer and color mixed exterior paint last night and started painting away. I got the primer and first coat on by noon. I have to wait 4 hours so I hope to add a second coat late this afternoon.