Bad Day

Well still better than working. I didn’t even get to the painting. I thought I put the intake manifold on and harmonic balancer on before I roll it outside so it would not get dirty on the inside. The manifold went OK, it did require two trips to the store to get the bolts, RTV, and special swivel socket.

The balancer was going great, much easier than the guy in hte video:

He was working his butt off.

Then it happened, the bolt on the tool broke. Sent me flying. The rest of the day has been spent trying to get the tool remains out of the bolt hole. I rented another tool, no luck. Bought a bolt and try to weld it to the remains, no luck. Went back to the store to rent a puller, to start over, all out. They are suppose to have it in the morning and I have no idea if this plan is even going to work. At least the weather was perfect today for all my running around, tomorrow is another day!Motor 1 Motor 2


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