Back on track

Not that there are any deadlines. The parts store called just like they said they would, picked up the dampener removal tool and installer tool and had it off in less than five minutes. Thought I might as well install it again and tried all the tricks I learned in my research last night. I use the iPad to research what I’m doing when I watch tv in the evenings. They said heat the dampener in the oven to 200 for an half hour and ice the crankshaft. What I did do and I didn’t find it anywhere was measure how far in it would go before it bottoms out. I took a sharpie and marked that on the dampener. Pulled it out of the oven and installed it, was it easier? Maybe, it was not all that hard yesterday. When I hit the mark I noticed it was just about the same spot as yesterday, I must have bottomed out yesterday and that is why the bolt broke, maybe? I did have the same issue as yesterday where I could not remove the tool. I went and bought a rounded bolt removal tool but it was to perfectly round to work. Finally I just said the tool must die to be removed, so I used a broken bolt tool knowing it would ruin the tool. That worked fine and the tool is toast as predicted.

Plus I got the under dash painted and the front floor/firewall painted.




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