Rainbow no more

Yesterdays photo was a real rainbow of color. It is now in 2k primer. Finished sanding, touched up the epoxy primer, followed by the 2k primer. Oh and I recovered a couple bucks selling the ¾ ton running boards. I should have asked more after I researched how rare they are, next time. A pretty good day!

Cowel 2Cowel 1

Just a note for those who are seeing this on Google+ or Facebook I don’t guarantee that it will alway be there. For now the wordpress is connected to the social media sites but I’m not a big fan of Facebook so I put up as little information as possible. The build blog can alway be reached at:


including what you have missed so far. Please add your comment there if you would like to. 

and my website can alway be found at:


and that has links to everything I do.


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