Ever have one of those days

Ever have one of those days when nothing goes right?

I sprayed the epoxy primer using my new cheap 10 dollar china freight gun. Same model as I always use on primer. Cleaned it good before use, they ship it with the inside covered in oil if you buy one. Mixed up the primer and started spraying. Ran out, should have been a clue that it come out faster with the new gun. Mix up some more and finished spraying.

driversfender 1

Dang if I didn’t run it.

driversfender 2

Now I have to wait 24 hours before I can sand it, so I looked for something else to do. My buddy started the drivers fender and I didn’t really want to start something new so I thought I’d patch the tears.

Made a patch panel and cut out the bad section.

driversfender 3driversfender 4

Fit the patch.

driversfender 5

Clamp it in place.

driversfender 6

Tack it in place.

driversfender 7

Weld it and ground it. Another frustration is I really have a hard time seeing when I weld. Don’t know if it my old glasses, wrong angle for my bifocals, cheap welding hood, bad light, or all of it but it drives me nuts.

driversfender 10

I get it almost done and am pretty proud of myself with one last spot to touch up. Start blowing a huge hole, the more I weld the more I make the hole bigger and a moving target.

driversfender 8

The answer to make another patch panel and do it over again in the new spot.

driversfender 9

I measured the piece that was removed and it was thin. 24 gauge in that spot, I would have never been able to fill it and the patch was the only correct way to do it.

Another frustration when I was grinding and welding I think I was tripping over anything that could be tripped on. Kept dropping tools too. I have a huge garage but seems I end up working in only five square feet. I just need to spread out more.

The back side you can see the two patch panels and the relationship to each other.

driversfender 11

The first thing that went right on the first try was the other side. It had some really bad tears and I was sure I would not be able to fill it and would have to make a new panel. Was wrong. There are lots of welds in the photo but I guessing it was repaired 20 or more years ago. Some of the panels were welded with an oxyacetylene welder and there were several. Hopefully a little body filler will take care of it.

driversfender 12

Put a skim coat on and called it a day.

driversfender 13


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