Rainbow no more

Yesterdays photo was a real rainbow of color. It is now in 2k primer. Finished sanding, touched up the epoxy primer, followed by the 2k primer. Oh and I recovered a couple bucks selling the ¾ ton running boards. I should have asked more after I researched how rare they are, next time. A pretty good day!

Cowel 2Cowel 1

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Rinse and repeat

Ok, sand and repeat. I sanded the filler primer and exposed too much bare metal. Worse than that I missed a huge crease where the door was opened too far at one time. Very typical on old cars, my 51 Willys had the same damage and has it again.


At bit more filler takes care of that. A bit more touch up here and there and more epoxy primer followed by filler primer. Sprayed the fender too because I knew I would have extra mixed. It is not really ready but enough along to spray it anyway. Better than wasting expensive product.