Dash Board

I welded some stress cracks around where the steering column goes.

Dash 1

Ground them down.

Dash 2

Followed by some Epoxy Primer

Dash 3

Followed by some filler primer.

Dash 4

It is pretty pitted above the window, no photo taken, I hope the filler primer will fill the pits or it will be a whole lot more work.


You can get anything you want in Alice’s Restaurant

Happy Thanksgiving!

I went ahead and finished sanding. Since it was ready for the next step and it does not take that long I went on to spray the 2K primer. Hours and hours getting it ready for 15-20 minutes of spraying. Even cleaning the gun after takes longer.

Still need to prime the door sills, inside roof, firewall, and dashboard. I did those last as they will be the first to be put into color.

cab 1 cab 2

Willy nilly sanding

If you can live with the fact that you will expose large amounts of bare metal, meaning you will have to re-epoxy prime, you can go wild with the sanding blocks and sanders. I think, but can’t swear that I got all the dents address with glaze and primer. I did notice that the primer didn’t go on real even, wish I knew what was causing it. Came out dry at first then very wet, so it ran in spots. I was very careful to make sure it was evenly mixed, but maybe not? Had planned on following with filler primer but now I have to wait 18 to 24 hours to sand it, then filler prime. Spent a good 7 hours on it and get to do it again. Hope it goes better and faster because of todays work, fingers crossed.

cab 1 cab 2


I’m cheating a little on the dent betow the window. Don’t really have access to it from the rear to pound it out and if I use a stud welder I know I will have holes to deal with. So I just used a bit of body filler, deeper than I would prefer to use at the deepest. Maybe as much as an ⅛ inch but it seems to be the best option. The other filler you see is very thin, just as it should be.