First step is to spray Guild Coat

rightfender 1

Next sand off the guide coat with a long board

rightfender 4

I use differnet color primers so I can tell what is happening with the metal. The white spots are the high points, the black is the low spots. I try really hard not to sand to bare metal and in this case I had it really close.

rightfender 2

I did add a little glaze but this was the only spot

rightfender 3

After it dried a bit more guide coat

rightfender 5

Sanded it smooth, perfect

rightfender 6

Sprayed the 2K primer

rightfender 7

I still need to spray the underside in 2K, I will skip all the other steps. The nice thing about 2K is it can act as an top coat, so nothing else is required. I may leave the underside in 2K forever, I have to think about it. I’d like to paint the topside in color and clear just so I can see a finished panel. Plus it would be nice to have finished parts sitting on the shelf waiting for reassembly.


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