Seven Hours

rightfender 1

Update: Sprayed Sample


Seven hours gone just like that. Good thing I really have nothing but time. I used some body glaze on the missed areas and sand smooth. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat…. Lost count! Since I exposed so much bare metal I had to re-epoxy prime. If the exposed areas are smaller than a dime it is OK to go strait to filler primer. I applied half a quart of filler primer, in other words its thick. Most will be sanded off but that is the nature of filler primer, think of it as liquid bondo. It’s job is to fill the imperfections and believe me there are plenty. I not much above rank amateur when it come to body work. Oh and I picked up my paint sample yesterday, I like it but will reserve final judgement until I get it on some sheet metal.

rightfender 2 rightfender 3  rightfender 4 rightfender 5


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