No more Patina

rightfender 1

I started stripping the paint today. Thought I’d start with a fender that is in pretty good shape. I used what I call the paint eraser. It works really well. It cost about 10 bucks at the box stores and goes on your grinder. It will last about one panel. I asked the sandblaster what he charges for a fender and about 100 bucks. 10 vs 100. It goes pretty fast, just a couple passes over the metal and the paint is gone, dirty work. The truck was red when it came from the factory and some many moons ago someone thought green was better.


Getting the fender off was not too bad, four of the bolts broke when a wrench was applied, two were missing, and two had to be cut and ground.

rightfender 2

rightfender 3

Over all the fender is in good shape. No rust to speak of, a small tear in the sheet metal on the bottom, and a few small dings here and there.

rightfender 4

Still to do:

*Strip the bottom side, it will be harder as the paint eraser will have a hard time reaching everywhere.

* Weld the tear

*Pound the dings out

*Fill what can’t be pounded out

I will talk about the primers and paint in another post, on another day when I have photos to go with it.


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