Three days in

I already 3 days in on the side and this is the one in better condition. I’m not overly impressed with my repairs. So it makes it a no brainer, I can substitute¬†teach a couple days and make enough to buy a new side. Less time and better quality. I think I will finish this side just to see if I can make it presentable, I can alway get another side later if it is too out of place. If you add the cost of the chemicals, I’m really not much ahead by repairing.

Lots of sanding, filling, sanding…



Full Skim Coat

The wife was upset that I started taking the truck apart before she could use it as a photo prop for her hobby. Told her not to worry she could use the other side:

Truck 1

Started pounding out the dents, welding the cracks, grinding, and adding a full skim coat of body filler:Truck 2  Truck 3 Truck 4Truck 5

First panel done

Well almost, I think I will paint the back with left over single stage when I have some. Not required but will be a nice touch for those laying on the ground looking up.

A bit of guide coat, come in a rattle can:

Apron 5

Sanded smooth as a babys butt using fine sand paper:

Apron 4

Sprayed sealer, not pictured, but picture it grey again.

Sprayed two coats of green color:

Apron 3

Sprayed two coats of clear coat, the almost final result:

Apron 1

Apron 2

In a few weeks I will color sand.


It would be reduntant if I post pictures of every step on every panel, so I won’t do that. The steps will be the same, Strip the paint, weld tears and patch panels, grind, Body filler, sand, epoxy primer, filler primer, guide coat, sand, repeat if needed, 2K primer. The steps not shown yet but will follow soon, guide coat, sand 2K, sealer, color, clear coat. I will show these, promise. So on the redundant steps I’ll just pick one photo of one steps to show.

Here it is in filler primer, can you see the patch?

Running to Bed

Total Failure

OK, maybe not but did require two tries.

The goal is to remove this stress tear, from rubbing the running board, it was not rust.

Running to Bed 1

So I cut a patch panel

Running to Bed 2

Traced it on the panel and cut it out

Running to Bed 3

Welded it in and flip it over to see this

Running to Bed 4

I used too thin of sheet metal, so I cut it out and did over again with thicker metal:

Running to Bed 6

Worked a little better this time, I knew I could weld better than the first try

Running to Bed 5

Ground off the weld and this is the result

Running to Bed 7

Just a tiny about of body filler will take care of the rest.

Work Small

Sometimes it is good to do a small part that can be done in a relativly short order, it can be good for the ego. So I’m started on the filler panel that goes between the running board and bed.

However, before I started it I did sand the underside of the fender before putting it on the shelf.

rightrunningboardfiller 3rightrunningboardfiller 1rightrunningboardfiller 4rightrunningboardfiller 2

It will require a small patch panel to be cut and installed. Tomorrows project but I did get the paint stripped, it was a very easy panel to do.