GMC (2)

The truck made it to Phoenix and I had the New Mexico Title in hand. The first order of business was to get an Arizona title, easier said than done. I head to the DMV off Bell Road and 59th Ave. I get there and the parking is nonexistent. So I park a block away and walk in the 100 plus heat and go into the DMV. The line just to get a ticket to be in line was all the way around the building. So I head to the Sun City DMV and the line wrapped around the building, time to go somewhere else.

I called a hotrod buddy and asked him where the private for profit DMV was. I drive the 20 miles and I was the next in line. All was going fine and he runs the vin and say he can’t do it. The Vin was coming back as a part stolen in Georgia. The truck had never been to Georgia and the title showed that. He said “sorry I’m going to have to send you to the real DMV”.

So I head to a third DMV and luck was with me. Their camera was broken, so all they could do was titles and nothing that requires I’Ds. So a ½ hour wait and I get to the desk. All was going well, she had my plate sitting on the desk, and she puts something into the computer and she turns white as a sheet. “I have to go talk to a supervisor”, she reports. She gone a good 45 minutes of so and I get a tap on my shoulder from behind. It is the police. I need to ask you a few questions about the truck. I answer his questions, he writes it in his note pad, and says we may not be able to give you your title today. He goes away and I wait another ½ hour of so and the lady comes back.

She says that she has permission to give me a title. I ask her if it is resolved, “I don’t know but I can give you a title.” I get my title and plates and head home.

A couple days later the phone rings and on the other end is a Phoenix Detective. She said she and a insurance detective need to come and inspect the truck. So she books an appointment to come see it the next day. They show up and inspect the truck, the vin matches the frame, a good start. The vin on the title was truncated in New Mexico. They only used the last 6 digits, so that was the issue. Turns out the truncated vin matches a front end loader bucket that was taken in Florida in 1988. They said they will send me some paperwork to take to the DMV and get the corrected VIN on the title. That was last week, I’m still waiting for the letter. Not looking forward to the DMV visit.

I have not spent any money on it yet, I’m waiting for a clear title to get started on the project. So we are on hold, but I have been researching chassis, parts sources, visited the paint shop, and walk the junk yards. Can’t wait to get started.


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